DIY Wall Art Designs Adorning a Home Decor

diy wall arts paint chips DIY Wall Art Designs Adorning a Home Decor

Let’s start our DIY wall art designs by making this simple project. We are going to make patchwork wall art by using geometric pattern. You can use origami paper, decorative paper or colored paper and you can combine the patterns and colors as you want. The idea can be implied for any room in your home. And of course, you can adapt it accordingly. The second project has a quite similar idea that uses paint chips. You need a frame to make everything in this project to have a beautiful look. Start it by cutting out the shapes. Then, arrange them till you get the right combination. Transfer them to a paper sheet and frame it at the end.

mini wall diy art DIY Wall Art Designs Adorning a Home Decor

We all know that any artistic painting is just a blank canvas at first. To make it striking but yet simple, just use a giant brush. The first thing you have to do is to take the canvas. Place it upside down then dip the brush in water. Use black acrylic paint and make broad brush strokes. If you are creative enough, you can change anything from the simplest one into something beautiful. As an example, you can use a few lids of a shoebox and some decorative paper that you can use to make some lovely decorations for the wall. It is one of the simplest DIY wall art designs and you can do it in your weekend with the supplies that you already have in your house.

diy wallpaper DIY Wall Art Designs Adorning a Home Decor

This project doesn’t need any particular skills or talents. To make one of our inspiring DIY wall art designs, you have to prepare paint, a canvas and also a paint brush. You have to create some different shades of the same color. And now, you can see a captivating result of an ombre painting. You can create a statement wall in many different ways. As an example. you can make a stencil and use it to trace the pattern design on the wall by using a white pen or with a different color especially is the wall is in pastel or white. It is so fun and it is simple too. Those are some of the attractive DIY wall art designs that will adorn your home decor. Which one is your favorite?


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