DIY Magazine Storage for a Home Decor

mag storage of bicycle tires DIY Magazine Storage for a Home Decor

We will write some impressive ideas of DIY magazine storage for you. We will start it from the bicycle tires. The frame for the storage is made of wood and each side of the racks is made of bicycle tires. The design for this project is very simple. But still, it also requires effort and time especially to make the holes and attach the tubes. It will be a great recycling project for your home decor. Let’s move to the second DIY magazine storage.

Our second project is to create magazine holder. Here is our magazine rack. It is made of an old wooden crate. Mostly, an old wooden item will emit a vintage look. It can be stained to give it a new fresh look. After that, you have to attach some wheels to the base part of the crate. Here it is, you have your own DIY magazine store that can be moved easily.

woooden black pallet DIY Magazine Storage for a Home Decor

Let’s see the black rack as our third DIY magazine storage. It is our next inspiring wooden pallet project. This item is a magazine rack that can be placed in a bathroom. But you can also place this versatile item in any other room in your home. All you have to prepare is some stain and a pallet. The first step is to cut the pallet in a half but you are also permitted to measure it in any other size you need. Then, remove a beam to attach the portion you chose for your own magazine rack. Stain and mount it on the wall.

Do you want to make DIY magazine storage with an elegant touch? This one will meet your desire. This lovely item was made out of shelf brackets. Paint the surface of the wood in any color you want. You are also allowed to add as many compartments as you want. Of course, I’m sure that the number will depend on your necessity. For me, the size in the picture is just perfect. By having this item, you will get to store the magazine collections in a beautiful way and to organize them into different categories. Those are some magazine rack inspirations for you, hope you like it.


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