Inspiring DIY Belt Straps Shelves

diy shelves of belt straps Inspiring DIY Belt Straps Shelves

We have another stylish DIY belt straps shelves to adorn your home decor. The article is described on athomeinlove. For this case, each of those two wooden shelves has its own different or separate belt straps, thus, you will need a total four belts for this DIY project. Paint the edges part of the wood boards if you want; you can also stain the entire shelf. Then, cut the belts, thus they all will have the same lengths and start to make four loops. After that, attach that two belt sets to the wall by using anchors. The next step is to slide the boards thru and adjust them to be level.

wine rack made of belt straps Inspiring DIY Belt Straps Shelves

If you wish a single shelf, of course, you can do it too. Then, check out burkatron for more detail information and instructions. You may either use two belts or if you don’t wish visible buckles, use two leather straps with no holes there. Make two loops then attach them to the wall. Slide the shelf inside and just level it. You need two large screw hooks and a leather hole punch if you wish to have the same look. Of course, you can use leather straps and belts in lots of other ways. As an example, make a custom wire rack. The supplies that you have to prepare are some paint, wood board, nails and leather straps. Follow the next steps below to create your own DIY belt straps shelves.

Paint the board then mark on it to attach the straps. Nail them and ensure they are quite big for the bottles to fit thru. If you want to get more detail information, find it on it’s pretty nice. Here, you will also find a tutorial to make a cool display shelf for your kitchen or other spaces in your home. Actually, it’s all quite simple and not really different from the shelves that we have described for you previously. The difference is that the shelf has long size and it needs more than 2 straps to be functional and stay level. Add such a shelf to your kitchen and use this functional item for utensils and spices. Those are the inspiring DIY belt straps shelves for you.


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