Design Ideas of Neutral Colored Kitchen

There are 3 things you should consider carefully when building a kitchen, including the functionality, comfort, and look. In this modern era, a kitchen is not only used to cook, therefore, its look is important. A kitchen used to be considered as a dirty and messy area because the cooking activity tends to cause some water and oil splashes and food spills. But a kitchen is now used for many activities such as eat, gather with the family, and entertain guests who come over. Due to this, make sure to pay attention to the look of your kitchen. To create an interesting kitchen, consider several things, including the color. Consider creating a neutral colored kitchen. To give you some inspiration, here are some design ideas for neutral colored kitchen.

Natural Kitchen in Gray Design Ideas of Neutral Colored Kitchen

The first neutral colored kitchen is a natural kitchen in gray. The kitchen uses white cabinets and a white island. Gray is used as the color of the flooring. It also applies brick wall on one side of the kitchen. A dining area which consists of a square wooden table and some armless chairs are placed in the middle of the room. Despite having a simple design, this kitchen still looks stylish.

Green Dining Chairs in Neutral Colored Kitchen Design Ideas of Neutral Colored Kitchen

Combining white, brown, and green is the next design idea of the neutral colored kitchen. White can be used for the wall, ceiling, window frames, and a unique pendant hung above the dining area, while brown is used for the island, flooring, and the dining table top. You can use green for the countertops, backsplash, armless dining chairs. Place a small potted plant on the dining table as the decoration.

White Kitchen with Wood Touches Design Ideas of Neutral Colored Kitchen

The last neutral colored kitchen is using white as the main color and combining it with wood. White is used for the wall, ceiling, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. The flooring and the kitchen island’s base have a wood motif. The island has a long countertop, in which it can accommodate 2 sinks. 2 bar stool made of metal are placed in the island area. Installing some small pendants above the island is a great idea to provide illumination as well as decoration in the kitchen. Besides that, a wall clock can also be installed.