Deluxe Home Interior Decor in India Surrounded by Green Nature

home facade with outdoor garden Deluxe Home Interior Decor in India Surrounded by Green Nature

This stunning home interior décor is located in India. This cozy dwelling is surrounded by a palm tree and green nature. Let’s see and come in to get inspired with its home interior décor. When we stamp our steps there, we will see a spacious outdoor garden with neat decorative plants beside the palm trees. There is a long outdoor swimming pool that will satisfy the homeowners with its large size. It has the same width with the façade of this contemporary home. The building has two different; one is the higher level while the other one is in the lower with a space as the partition to separate those areas.

large l shaped sofa Deluxe Home Interior Decor in India Surrounded by Green Nature
The home interior décor of this cozy dwelling was designed in a single-floor structure of a spacious and long area. Stepping our feet in the living room, there is a huge L-shaped sofa with vibrant pink upholstery. Two armless chairs have the same cover are placed at end of wall against the glass window. To complete the look of the seating sets, some chic cushions with ethnic covers are added. The coffee table and also the side table in this living room have the same design of crossed wooden legs with glass tops. The difference is in the shape of the table top, the coffee table has rectangular top while the side table has a square top.

The hub of the living room floor is covered by the rustic rug in brown. The use of some neutral tones such as the wooden furniture in woodsy shade, wooden floor in glossy woodsy shade too and the wall backdrop in pristine white. They have emitted an inviting feeling to this ample living room. The extended glass windows permit the homeowner to see the fresh garden views thru the translucent element. The window wooden frames are lacquered in dark brown that showcases obvious borders on the white backdrop. The home interior décor of this living room is illuminated by the installation of ceiling lamps with a fan in the center of the ceiling.

white master bedroom with large bed frame Deluxe Home Interior Decor in India Surrounded by Green Nature
Do you feel curious with the main bedroom? If the answer is yes, let me show you the master bedroom in this contemporary home interior décor thus you will get some inspirations in decorating your own. Actually, the space in this bedroom is quite spacious but the homeowner decided to place a huge wooden bed frame. The bed size almost fits with the master bedroom space. The symmetrical display is created by some decorative ornaments over the headboard. Two black mounted lamps and side tables strengthen the bedroom symmetrical display.

The homeowner seems like to enjoy the views outside thru his or her private space. Thus, he intentionally installed extended window with the massive use of glass for this home interior décor. And of course, he will do the same especially to his personal room. I need to tell you that the talented designer of this project is Mode that has accomplished the home with ila Yogesh Choksi.


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