Delightful Comprehensive Living Room Decorations (Part2)

Sometimes, you may compare various living rooms of your friends or relatives to get inspired how your living room should be. A gathering place for family, friends and business associates must provide complete and useful furniture. Next, you should consider complete furniture for supply them in your spacious home. Below, we present three kinds of comprehensive living rooms as a continuation of the previous article.

concave living room with yellow curtains and nifty furniture arrangement Delightful Comprehensive Living Room Decorations (Part2)

The feel of a spacious living room is directly visible by presentation of concave window panel with bright yellow curtains. This home is located in San Francisco, embodies a formal living space yet retains casual side. An orange striped sofa provides comfort in the room plus some beautiful decorative pillows. Wide white coffee table facilitates everyone to put items such as books and other decorative items. Additional chairs at the front and end side room are perfectly paired with a side table near the window panel. Therefore, everybody will get nice view while relaxing in this parlor.

traditional american living room combined with modern style using sopcisticated furniture Delightful Comprehensive Living Room Decorations (Part2)

You can find this living room decoration which has decorated by Marshall Watson in Southampton. By the combination of modern design and a traditional mid-20th century of American style, this one looks appealing. It uses white color in overall walls and ceiling with a blend of sparkling hardwood floors. Stripes sofa and rug give the standout feel in this living room. Blue color of the sofas and curtains provide cooler and quieter ambiance. There are some dark wooden tables and also glass side table in the front of the blue sofa.

comprehensive living room with glossy wooden floor and wooden furniture and piano Delightful Comprehensive Living Room Decorations (Part2)

A green atmosphere in the living room is created by Richard Norris and Mark Leslie. The use of large boards which are divided into several sections with a touch of green motifs gives a fresh natural feel. Some high-backed furniture also creates a drama in this living room. Red color on the couch and ottoman make a certain contrast to the sight. Some decorative elements on the coffee table and the console table near the windows have an attractive role for cheer up the living room. An appealing item for this space is the piano at the front side which made of solid wood, makes everybody feels comfortable.


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