Dark Headboard Furniture Piece for Impressive Bedrooms

Headboard furniture piece in a bedroom can be a great and big decision when you are starting from scratch. If you choose the wrong combination, it will make a personal room feel more a mess and conflict rather than a restful space. A lot of pieces in dark tone will weigh down the look of your bedroom interior decor that is supposed to be the one stress-free area in your home.

If you want to bring the shabby chic look, you might as well add a lot of light items and add patterned rose and everything about that time to complete the décor. But with a dark furniture piece, you can give a personal room with a focal point that will make it feel chic and more modern without the heavy feeling. Let’s name it as headboard like what I have mentioned previously. Here are we have some inspiring dark headboard furniture pieces to help you in getting your impressive bedroom.

blue velvet headboard Dark Headboard Furniture Piece for Impressive Bedrooms

Velvet will be the obvious choice when you splurge on a headboard because the texture has the flair to give some bold chic vibes to your personal room. Opt for a dark green or blue to make it pop and maybe go the extra mile with the ornate curving designs. You can also cover the rest of the bed frame of the wooden surface with this kind of upholstery or cover and just let the legs to appear just they way they are.

black lattice headboard Dark Headboard Furniture Piece for Impressive Bedrooms

If you are worried to find a dark headboard furniture piece to match with the colorful walls in the personal room, a dark stained wood will always be a good option. For an example, this geometric headboard will certainly make your private space feel exotic like you are vacationing on a Tropical Island. The geometric feature is created by creating some geometric holes on the surface of the headboard furniture piece.

geometric headboard Dark Headboard Furniture Piece for Impressive Bedrooms

You might think a black headboard will look too heavy for your personal room but this pick still looks perfect. The smooth curvaceous sides and lattice texture will keep thing airy while also give the grounding color. The curved sides in addition also protect you from the shiny daylight when you haven’t ready yet to wake up in the morning.


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