Cute DIY Air Plant Ideas on Your Wall

air plants with wire frames Cute DIY Air Plant Ideas on Your Wall

Here are we have some impressive DIY air plant ideas that will help you in decorating the look of your home interior decor. The display here you have probably seen previously. You can make one of our DIY air plant ideas today by using screens from the chicken wire and hardware store or just about any other medium which stretches across a frame. It is used to make a classy display especially for a backdrop of a bridal shower.

pineapple art for air plants Cute DIY Air Plant Ideas on Your Wall

Let’s see the next inspiration. We are having a very hard time to let go of pineapple. The tropical fruit is so inspiring. It is such a summery fruit, thus, why don’t we add it to our gallery wall for this season? Don’t you think it is a good idea? Just do it in the classiest possible way by creating some little vases to hold the decorative air plants and give the pineapples a little flair. Let’s move to the next DIY air plant ideas. Here we go!

string art for air plant ideas Cute DIY Air Plant Ideas on Your Wall

Who says you need anything else to hold your decorative air plants anyway? You can use a thin wire for your DIY air plant ideas to suspend the greenery from the ceiling and just let them grace your blank walls. You will find this is the only way you certainly need. All crafting items such as twine, rocks, and jars you may probably already have. Just take a slow time of your Saturday morning to make these DIY air plant ideas of jars. Just simply hang them over the bed by dinnertime.

jars for air plant ideas Cute DIY Air Plant Ideas on Your Wall

String art still emits its charm. Especially it is such a great craft for children who need to do an activity on a rainy afternoon. The first thing you have to do is to nail the design in for your lovely kids and then just let them go string crazy. The next step is to add some air plants when they have accomplished their project. I’m pretty sure that they will love to have a little greenery in their personal room.

Those are some of our captivating DIY air plant ideas that can be mounted or displayed on your wall. We hope that you get some inspirations. Allow us to know if you have made one or more of our today’s projects. Have a nice day!


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