Custom Built Fireplace Design for Your Home Decor

double heights Custom Built Fireplace Custom Built Fireplace Design for Your Home Decor

Each living room has different character and style. If you want to approach a new custom build fireplace design as a part of a complete room inspection, then deciding to design the chimney breast and heart from scratch will afford a lot of flexibility in the living room. All elements such as mantel, the hearth, and surround of the custom built fireplace design will all need to work with the living room either being protruded into the chimney breast or recessing from it.

Nevertheless, you have many options to choose from for the custom built fireplace design. You can design your own fireplace or customize the existing one is not a specialist job. Still, building one to a specific design is safe. All fireplace needs a smooth airflow, thus noxious gasses can be removed from the space, in this case in living room. Take a sketch of your custom built fireplace design to be a bespoke builder, or fabricator, who can turn and realize your plans and ideas into a heartwarming reality.

Take a look at the stunning custom built fireplace design. It is installed in a prominent feature wall with a flat screen contemporary television over it. A cozy chair is completed with an ottoman stool to rest the foot. The seating seat is placed in a diagonal direction and in a parallel line with the corner spot. A floor lamp stands nearby the chair with an elegant side table. Another lighting fixture is the ceiling lamp that helps to bring a good illumination to this warm living room. To give some privacy to the inhabitants of the home, an elegant curtain in beige is used to embrace the extended window.

In a large living room, using double height mantels became a trend during some years ago. Custom built fireplace design with double height mantels give a self-confidence feeling to anyone. Standing proudly in an elegant manner, the items can be a focal point in a living room even when the homeowner doesn’t operate fire to the custom built fireplace. The classic design takes inspiration from the elegant architecture of traditional Roman. Think of lintels and columns that embrace the hearth within.


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