Cozy White Bathroom with Indoor and Outdoor Showers

indoor outdoor bathroom decorating ideas Cozy White Bathroom with Indoor and Outdoor Showers

To create an uninterrupted visual look in this bathroom, a glass wall is used as a partition to separate the outdoor shower with the indoor shower. This cozy white bathroom is a part of a stunning Los Angeles home. The indoor shower is placed on the left part of the space, while the outdoor shower area is on the right side with the translucent glass wall in the middle that showcasing a smooth visual flow. The fixtures are by Jaclo that optimize the function of this space. The soap dish and outdoor light are by Restoration Hardware.

All the surfaces of the walls are painted in pristine white color that exuding a clean and bright ambiance to these two different spaces. The dark woodsy shade of the floor emits a contrast look with the color of the wall backdrops and ceiling. The indoor shower has a built-in shelf to store some toiletries. This functional item is arranged in a vertical line with four open shelves. Additional open shelf is built-in under the leftmost glass wall.

The outdoor shower is completed with a mounted rack of iron. A hook is used to hang the coat bathing. A side table in black from Dennis & Leen is nestled in the corner spot. This black table is so attractive with its whimsical feature. The top of the table is used to place greenery on a pot. The barred ceiling allows the sunlight to irradiate this space with a warm ambiance. The glass walls are equipped with pivots that allow the users of this bath to left it open.

To complete the function of the twin vanities, sinks of Barara Barry for Kallista are coupled with stainless steel faucets of Bistro by Restoration Hardware. To separate the sinks, a wooden tray is placed in the middle of the white countertop. This decorative item is used to accommodate some toiletries and that green vase with greenery. The backdrops of the walls are painted in Neutral Ground of Sherwin-Williams Bath, while the surface of the ceiling is painted in Swiss Coffee of Benjamin Moore Waterborne. An idyllic long pendant lamp is hung precisely over the wooden tray.


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