Cozy Beach House Decor with 1960s Style

living room with colorful accents Cozy Beach House Decor with 1960s Style

This cozy beach house decor, we will look for some ideas and we’re going to start it from the living room. Dynamic patterns and bright colors bring this white gathering room alive. Berman signature is depicted on the Moroccan poufs. Those cushioned items are used a lot in the living room and also placed randomly on the floor. They have made great extra seats to this indoor lounge especially for the kids. They have given you a chance to have leather shot into the room. Blue pillow and curtain fabrics are from Seaglass Element print collection Duralee. The orange pillows are by Quadrille, they are Meloire Reverse while the yellow pillow is by Raoul Textiles. It is Arcadia Sulphur.

white backdrop living room Cozy Beach House Decor with 1960s Style

Go back to the living room of this 1960s beach house decor. The white backdrop in this gathering space also emits a contrast look with the dark wooden floor shade. The grass cloth has made a chic backdrop for the display of family photos over the wet bar. This spot is created by a small niche with sink cabinet. The house beach decor living room talks about colorful accents. It still takes a backseat even though you find a rich and lot of color here. The main color of this beach house decor is white as the wall backdrop; you will see the dominant white in the fireplace and also the sectional sofa besides the wall backdrop. So it will be easier for anyone to be around those items all day long.

kitchen with turqoise tile Cozy Beach House Decor with 1960s Style

Move to the kitchen of this beach house decor. You will find turquoise tile here. Feel the timeless quality in this classic kitchen. It can be such an inspiring idea for your home décor. With a few fun of color pops to keep this space of being predictable and staid just like the fanciful valance by Raoul Textiles in Arcadia and also the glass tile backsplash by Modwalls. Ant barstools have totally brought a stylish look in this pristine white kitchen. The dark woodsy shade of the wood has created a contrast look with the main backdrop. There is an artistic mural on the wall that creates a feature wall in the beach house décor kitchen.


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