Cool Modern Dining Chairs Adding Style to the Decor

These streamlined dining chairs with a low profile are the work of Nitzan Cohen. These items were designed to emulate the lightness and geometry of plastic furniture. This time, the products are envisioned in solid wood. Not only will this item look great in your dining room, it is pretty enough to stand alone as a writing chair or a side chair too. The name of these cool modern dining chairs was inspired by a café conversation between two people, a man, and woman. The She Said Chair has solid wood carpentry that will beautifully sit in any dining room, home office or guest room.

solid wood chairs Cool Modern Dining Chairs Adding Style to the Decor

The Italian designer and firm, Mattiazzi is well known for the “healthy obsession” with craftsmanship and woodworking. The designer of these modern dining chairs is known to always start with questions. For this case, should the chairs be outspoken or just a little bit timider? Then, he decided to combine both. He Said and She Said. The armrests of She Said Chair gently curve downward while the He Said Chair armrests express themselves. The top half is a tribute to sophisticated technology of Mattiazzi. The legs, armrests, and backrests showcase a smooth geometry which is often seen in plastic chairs. What a nice surprise to see the thing in solid wood!

modern dining chairs Cool Modern Dining Chairs Adding Style to the Decor

Let’s get more inspirations of modern dining chairs for your dining room decor. This is the Muuto Nerd Dining Chair which is designed by a Berlin-based designer, he is David Geckeler. This 2012 Nerd Chair is so stylish and cool, you will find it just more than a comfy seating. It is also a superb feat of engineering. To distract from handsome wooden veneer and silky curved body (available in either lacquered ash or natural oak) there are no visible hardware or screw, leading to a smooth feature from top to bottom. The designer of these modern dining chairs thrives on a multidisciplinary approach who often works on projects in tableware, furniture, and lighting simultaneously. His chairs were honored with the 2011 Talent Award, Muuto, the Danish design company which handpicks the outstanding design talent and also invites them for the purpose to express the stories thru everyday objects.


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