Contemporary Swedish Apartment Using Natural Materials

A contemporary Swedish Apartment looks so beautiful and stylish thus I find a difficulty to find the right word to utter it! Stepping our feet to its interiors, you can directly feel the calm and natural ambiance. Every detail becomes an important thing in this lavish contemporary Swedish apartment. Each detail is also highlighted and everything looks so harmonious. The living room is inspired by stunning fireplace which is decorated with lavish marble. Fire looks so special in such that cold material.

swedish living room Contemporary Swedish Apartment Using Natural Materials
In the living room, the cushions of pebble floor come in to the point way. Everyone will fall in love with the open shelves, white couch and also the art work that steal attention with the simple décor in expressivity. The firewood is placed at a stylish black storage which is placed not too far from the marble fireplace. We can find many art works on the walls that enliven the display of this all-in-white living room. It obviously showcases that the homeowner is an art lovers. All the artworks in this contemporary Swedish apartment are framed with wood in elegant dark shade.

swedish kitchen and dine Contemporary Swedish Apartment Using Natural Materials
Still talking about the interiors of this contemporary Swedish apartment, after seeing the living room, we move to the kitchen and dining space. The lighting fixtures in these two different areas are very cozy and inviting. Open plan concept is utilized in this spacious area. Thus we move easily without any partition that divides or separates the space. The kitchen looks so simple with an island in the center of this open space and also an extended cabinet with sink at end of the wall. A pristine white wall becomes the main background of the island and an art work tries to enliven the neutral wall.

swedish master bed Contemporary Swedish Apartment Using Natural Materials

The master bedroom of this contemporary Swedish apartment is quite large. It has a big bed frame with tufted headboard in beige. At the bed foot, there is a stunning ottoman bench. Wall mounted lamps over the headboard offer exposure especially at night while the tall windows have the role to allow the daylight to permeate this private space at noon. A mirror is leaned on the wall and flanked by the windows. This endearing piece has added function and style to the master bedroom.


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