Contemporary Residence Design Offering Impressive Views from its Terrace

bicton house ideas and designs Contemporary Residence Design Offering Impressive Views from its Terrace

It is commonly we’ve been impressed by the interior designs most on a house but in this case, the contemporary residence design in Perth, Australia, doesn’t do the same. It is a project of Ritz Exterior Design and the property turned out so wonderful. You will see an amazing landscaping and everything surrounding here is enhanced by the impressive views which are visible from the residence terrace. This riverside building features a bold and contemporary exterior. The landscaping in front part gradually becomes more and more alike with the property itself. It merges effortlessly with the contemporary residence design. The rear is also stunning. The area was designed on several levels that feature a captivating outdoor pool with a lounging area and a very large patio with a fireplace and outdoor dining area. Relax outdoors and the captivating views can be enjoyed from the terrace. What a perfect dwelling!

One of the main purposes of this contemporary residence design project was to maintain a bold connection with the house. It was done by linking the water with the house front to the other side. The landscapes across the river become an element that distinct that two different areas. The main o orientation of the residence played a significant role here. There is also a suspended structure which has a similar feature like a bridge deck that places above the main water feature. Thus, it permits the water to be a part of the interior designs as well. What becomes interesting is the fact that decorative plants almost entirely missing which is so unusual for a residence with both a front and rear outdoor area. Plants in this contemporary residence design were kept to a minimum for the maintenance reason. The designers only added raised planters beds and grass to add a little touch of green to the contemporary residence design property.

bicton house Contemporary Residence Design Offering Impressive Views from its Terrace

There are some cozy outdoor lounges that permit the inhabitants to see the scenic views from the terrace. The first one is the dining area while the other one is the lounging seat with a modern fireplace. Those are some impressive details that we can see in this lavish contemporary residence design. Hope you get inspired.


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