Contemporary Dining Chairs Design to Set Your Table

modern dining chair with low back Contemporary Dining Chairs Design to Set Your Table

When it comes to Scandinavian interior décor with budget friendly, Ikea always has the answer! There are the contemporary chair designs, the Ikea PS 2012 Chair. These chairs feature comfy armrests with curvaceous backs that also offer comfort. Each item stands at short of 30” tall, thus it is such kind of a smart size for those who need a low back dining chair for a compact dining layout. Having these contemporary dining chairs, you will say thanks to the comfortable armrests and shaped back. These dining chairs are perfect for compact or small dining room space like we have mentioned before. Like the example below, the dining space is placed nearby the staircase, at the side of the glass partition or fence. If you are short on space, you can utilize this area which is actually space for movement to set your dining space. Choose a slim dining table that will fit with the space available. You only need to add maximum three contemporary dining chairs to avoid a cramped look. Don’t forget to add a vase of flowers to prettify the final look.

plywood dining chairs design Contemporary Dining Chairs Design to Set Your Table

The next contemporary dining chair designs are the In Between Chair. The furniture pieces are created by Helsinki-born designer Sami Kallio. The series has its natural appeal and rich hardwood grain with the lightweight versatility of plywood chairs. The item is easy to maneuver and also easier on the eyes. The designer has named the chair rightfully In Between that reflects the perfect balance between the manufacturing methods, aesthetics, and design. This piece is produced by hand and machine way. There is the wood turning for this product, a classic technique which is used a lathe for more thoroughly detail. For the process to produce this product, compression molding is applied to allow the strength despite the thin frame lightness. It is no accident that oak and ash which Sam uses for the seat respond very well to the techniques used. The angled legs dynamically provide equilibrium and balance form to the crescent back, low-swung, the armrests and slightly pitched seat pan. The side panels and back offer visual shape and solid support which is contrasted the gaps. This play of negative and positive space further will illustrate the In Between notion contemporary dining chairs.


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