Contemporary Design Dining Room with Roman Curtain

 Contemporary Design Dining Room with Roman Curtain

Family tradition like eat together at the dining room still popular, even in this era, where the text message and other technology handle our whole time. Event the family gathered seems like outdated, the dining area doesn’t have to be. Bring the modern or contemporary into your dining room. With the sleek, simple and stylish design embellish your dining room.

As you can see in the image above, the appearance of that dining area is very simple with less furniture. The wide windows at the two positions make the dining room brighter and look large. To reduce the sunlight the roman shade with zigzag pattern adds the contemporary touch to the dining room. The roman shade is perfect to add something special to a boring window. They have a great looking and help you to control your privacy. The roman shade makes the French style door complete. You do not need extra lighting fixtures to make the room area look larger, just pull up the curtain and the brighter dining room is perfect to use.

The sleek circle white colored with modern chair design in retro improve the value of the dining room. Retro-inspired design chair which is colored in black and yellow attract every people who pass by the dining room. The bench at the side to seat more people when you want to organize a small party at your home with simple preparation. Of course, the luxury of white color makes this dining area feels different than ordinary dining design.

The lighting feature which is having a unique shape, bubble-shape chandelier, turn the rigid dining room into relax and cozy one. This is a perfect design for the young people with numerous friends. Maintenance will be easy with dark hardwood flooring. Don’t worry, because this hardwood will last for decades, even if you not clean it every day.

The modern design usually comes up with a rug underneath the table, but if you not a rug fans you can skip that pieces. Just let the floor as it is. In fact, using the rug underneath the table is making the floor avoid from being scratched. But if you don’t like it, then you can throw it away.


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