Create a Comfortable Small Dining Space to Brighten Your Day

Talking about dining space, the most important is creating a comfortable and cozy place to join together with family at home. It must be a favorite place in your home after a living room. A dining space can be the second choice when you want to relax and enjoy the meal with family members. Nowadays, many houses tend to have the functional rooms which mean they don’t have spacious area. Creating a comfortable dining space doesn’t need much space. You only need to be creative in designing the dining room. So, how to design a comfortable small dining space? Look at these following ideas!


Combine with Kitchen

Small Dining Space with a Kitchen Round Dining Table and Elsa Scandinavian Wooden Chairs Create a Comfortable Small Dining Space to Brighten Your Day

A small dining space looks so chic and comfortable combining with a small kitchen in the corner. The small kitchen space in the corner in green color brings the fresh look ambiance for a dining room. A small round dining table with the Elsa Scandinavian wooden chairs bring the mid-century back. The wooden elements give the warmer touch to this room elegantly. A round small rug also makes this small dining space more comfortable and chic.

Patterned Rug

Small Dining Space with a Wooden Dining Table White Eames Eiffel Chairs and Patterned Rug Create a Comfortable Small Dining Space to Brighten Your Day

The second idea shows a cozy corner with a rectangular wooden dining table and white Eames Eiffel chairs. This small dining space looks more spacious in white. To bring the fresh look, the green plants are placed in the corner room. The monochrome pictures hanging on the wall provides a more attractive look instantly. As the color touch, the red patterned rug is placed under the dining table and chairs. It’s enough with a shiny ball pendant light over the dining table as a glamor touch.

Cozy Banquet

White Small Dining Space with Cozy Banquet and Mismatched Chairs Next to the Window Create a Comfortable Small Dining Space to Brighten Your Day

The most functional furniture in a small dining space is a cozy banquet. It’s very comfortable with soft pad and cushions. The mismatched dining chairs try to avoid the monotone look in some pastel colors with the modern dining table. The cluster pendant lights give the feminine accent to this room which also balances the beautiful flower I a clear glass. It gets enough light from the window which also gives the warmer atmosphere. You will not ignore this comfortable warm dining space to spend your time with your family.


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