Combination the Dining and Kitchen

A dining room is the main part of the house. This is the place for you and family spending lot time together. Designing this room is important to sophisticate the guest and family. Having a happy moment with your lovely people can be more fun with good looking and comfy dining room. This is some design that maybe can inspire you to décor your own dining room.

Open Space Dining Room Combining With L Shape Kitchen Combination the Dining and Kitchen

Open space area is just so nice. Without separation, the smart and subtle design complements each other. Connect the room by using a similar color. While you mix two or more rooms you need to set the furniture properly. Choose the neutral wall color in order to help you when choosing the furniture. The color also can set the mood in the room and stimulate the hunger. The simple design of the kitchen, with the red brick on the wall working as the backsplash, turns the room into interesting and really inviting. The shade of gray creates an elegant look in the room. The combination of black touch and grayish wall look so harmonize. The L-shape of the kitchen can accommodate many things.
The window play important role the room, it gives you nice view while enjoying the eating. Let the window without cover could be a good idea. But, if you like draperies that you have been dreaming about you can throw the decorative draperies. Beside the draperies can grand space if you install the draperies near the ceiling, of course. It also can protect the private space.

The industrial pendant lighting makes the dining room appeal. The lighting spreads the warmth atmosphere to the entire room. Since the dining area place near the French window allow the guests and family look the garden outside make every special event become more special and memorable. The window also gives more lighting source and gives daylight. Choose the different furniture in between room to another to create a specific appearance but still can work together. The cool hanging lamps also brighten up space and some gold accessories too. The key is choose everything you like and make it work later.


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