Colorful Hamptons Cottage Home by Lisa McFadden

Hamptons Cottage terrace Colorful Hamptons Cottage Home by Lisa McFadden

Before entering this Hamptons cottage home, we will be firstly welcomed by a pool house terrace. It is a part of the home façade with additional striped tarpaulin. This area follows the feature and width of the front home. The canopy fabric is in Sunbrella, it shades and becomes the roof pool house terrace. McFadden frequently uses this front home are for dinner parties. She loves to set up tables to prepare the parties. There are two lounging areas with the main door as the border that separates them. A glamorous scheme is perfectly created by black, white and silver touches. A contemporary look inside this stunning pool house design is just more elegant with that combination. The wall backdrops are in White Dove in Benjamin Moore. To add shine and durability to the scheme, two polyurethane coats are used. They are applied on the wainscoting, ceiling, floors and walls.

Hamptons Cottage sunroom Colorful Hamptons Cottage Home by Lisa McFadden

This Hamptons cottage home has a stunning sunroom. Fabric patterns bring lively ambiance to space. Here, sofa, pillows and chair cushion covers are in Pierre Frey prints. The sofa appears with an idyllic floral pattern in larger scale while the chairs and pillows are covered by lovely fabric with a smaller floral motif. To complete the sunroom display, wooden cubes in red lacquer are placed in the center space. Those captivating items are by Jonathan Adler. The empty space in the corner is used to place a small side table. The top is a cozy nest for the table lamp and a small vase. The tile floor also comes with its enchantment. Its surface is decorated with a big-scale pattern. To give some privacy and also to control the daylight, shades with a natural element is hung on the rod window.

Hamptons Cottage bedroom Colorful Hamptons Cottage Home by Lisa McFadden

The designer of this Hamptons cottage home implies the same decorating strategy to the bedroom. And of course, it works well too. She uses two lively similar patterns but in different scale, one is smaller than the other one. The fabric patterns are from Designer Guild. The twin beds in the bedroom are graced by the tulip print, Mei P’ing. A geometric fabric is used to cover the benches and Roman shade. The library room can be depicted as the most charming rooms of the Hamptons cottage home. This reading room goes so bold with the wall backdrops in high-gloss Purple Lotus. The ceiling is in silver in Metallic Glaze, both of those bold tones from Benjamin Moore.


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