Colonial Home Design Blending the Mix of Old and New

Colonial Era Home staircase Colonial Home Design Blending the Mix of Old and New

We have talked about some rooms interiors in this colonial home design. Let’s see other rooms such as the dining nook, kitchen, and guest bedroom. Walls in the dining nook were stripped down to its original brick and plaster. The dining table is reclaimed pine while the Anglo-Indian chairs with an antique look are coated in Kipling leather of Moore & Giles. The custom banquette beneath the wall decorative ornament is by de Le Cuona in Wales fabric Prince. The banquette is cornered to optimize each space available. It takes the empty space under the staircase that truly fits with the corner. This dining nook is illuminated by lighting fixture which is mounted on the staircase’s wood. The staircase that connects the first floor to the upstairs is in a deep hue of Benjamin Moore’s Polo Blue. It ties back to indigo as a major local crop.

Colonial Era Home kitchen Colonial Home Design Blending the Mix of Old and New

After seeing the dining nook, let’s see the kitchen is sun drenched that features cabinets paneled in old cypress wood. The material use is salvaged during the renovation of this colonial home design. The plain sight is used to hide the sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers to maintain the smooth streamlined design. The hub of the space is to place a dining table with two barstools. It has a rectangular top with open storage beneath. You can use the empty space to manage your stuff. The corner is optimized for the kitchen cabinet with some open storage over it. The left space is to place a kitchen set and cabinet in a neat parallel line. A carpet with an idyllic pattern is placed in a straight line with the main entrance. The doors at each side of the walls ensure the natural daylight supply.

Colonial Era Home guest room Colonial Home Design Blending the Mix of Old and New

The restoration to this colonial home design has revealed traces of blue tone on the original walls of lime wash. Moreover, it inspired the palette in this guest room. Space in the home design is quite tight, thus the homeowner only added a bed with a workspace nearby. The bed is used to accommodate a person; it fits with the width of the wall corner to the window. The workspace consists of a wooden table with a rustic look and a bean bag stool. Those are some inspiring rooms as a part of the colonial home design.


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