Classic Home Design Mixing Bold and Traditional Details

classic dining room Classic Home Design Mixing Bold and Traditional Details

Let’s learn the secret behind the stunning classic home design that mixing both bold and traditional details in a perfect way. You will see a half dozen of idyllic different pattern in its interiors and surprisingly, they don’t make the rooms look more chaotic. The secret is all about symmetry. Everything in this home is all in pairs include the club chairs, pillows, curtains, and lamps. Thus, they are arranged neatly with the same pattern on a side of this space as on the other. Of course, it is so comforting to the eye and you don’t need to work to take in. The deep and rich red color predominates the elegant rug has anchored the gathering room. The item pins down the entire pattern to speak. Its design is rendered in rich colors that complete one another than to create a contrast look. The rug truly creates a big difference when we mix patterns.

The Chartreuse walls in the dining room are not exactly traditional. The shade of the wall may be quite unexpected but the high-gloss finish gives this dining room what it needs, a line of youthfulness and glamor. The clients of Meg Braff inherited many impressive furniture pieces that they wanted to add including the armless dining chairs and the previous owners intentionally left the piece behind the wooden table. The item fits so well with the dining room. The walls became one of few spaces left to play. The gigantic garden urn of this classic home design is pretty exuberant. The designer loves it for its graphic and bold presence with that busy pattern in a room display. The eye really needs a cozy place to land with stunning Hepplewhite-style chairs, an idyllic chandelier and elegant curtains with a beautiful floral pattern to take in.

Braff is a fan of hanging a big item above the sofa rather than smaller piece collections. Yes, he is but often it is quite difficult to find the proper big thing. As long as everything is right it will always look good includes the scale such as the starburst mirror in classic design. The idyllic item is by Modern History that mounted over the four feet wide. It centers the eight-foot-long stunning sofa in a perfect manner. The ceilings in this space are more than twelve feet high thus the room can handle a big gilded blast of the wall. Those are some inspiring secret tips by Meg Braff for this impressive classic home design.


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