Chic Kid’s Bathroom Design to Jazz Up Your Home Interiors

Designing kid’s bathroom design is one of fun thing you can do to beautify your overall look of your home. You may combine and mix many colors and shades you want with as many themes pop up from your mind. Here there are some wonderful kid’s bathroom designs to jazz up your home. In addition, you can spend your free time with your lovely kids to share both of your ideas. Thus, you will accomplish a fun project together.

white kids bathroom with yellow rubber ducks theme Chic Kid’s Bathroom Design to Jazz Up Your Home Interiors

We’re going to inspire you with the simplest and most minimalist one. The main theme in the kid’s bathroom design is yellow rubber duck. Subtle blue is used the main color to paint the wall backdrops while the pristine white tone is added for the trim. This private space only uses minimalist and few furnishings for its décor. A transparent shower curtain with yellow duck pattern is hung to cover the white bathtub. Mat with duck shape, wall mirror with open shelf, wooden foothold, woven basket for the laundry and also a white washstand in front of that framed-mirror.

pink kids bathroom with idyllic mirror Chic Kid’s Bathroom Design to Jazz Up Your Home Interiors

This kid’s bathroom design in bold pink is perfect for your lovely daughters. Although the space of this bath is not quite large, the use of this vibrant color has given the visual effect of a larger space. Minimalist appliances were selected to be added into this appealing kid’s bathroom design. We can see a mounted cabinetry over the toilet with front doors. This functional item can be used to store many items. There are two designative paintings with colorful shades and tones beneath the cabinet.

A wall mirror with carved frame is mounted on the wall beneath the lighting fixture. Stainless steel taps under the mirror have completed the function of the vanity table. Some drawers under the vanity top and also the open storage can be used to avoid a cluttered look in this private space. If the homeowner needs to take the towel, she can take it on the towel holder which is mounted at the rightmost part of the mirror. Those are some of our reviews about kid’s bathroom design. Hope you enjoy it!


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