Chic Green and Yellow Color Accent Living Room Inspirations

Having a fresh and natural living room scheme must be pleasurable for all homeowners. Green and yellow are mostly used to create nature feels in the home decoration. Green symbolizes life, fertility, prosperity and also freshness. Yellow represents cheerful, fun, energy and blissfulness. It is not surprising that people want to add these colors in their living room to invite comfort. Whether yellow or green, they are all have own character that bring a certain impression. Now, we have three chic living room decorations that use green or yellow accents in their interior themes. Most of them are using beautiful prints on the furniture, so they look more pleasant.

Lovely seaside room with green and yellow prints Chic Green and Yellow Color Accent Living Room Inspirations

Here is a very nice combination of yellow and green color in order to make the living room seems cozier. With sofa set prints in floral motifs, this room looks colorful but has a vibrant view. Not only yellow and green, pale blue also added to give sweetener in this living room. Just take a look at the middle table and the pillows. For the table, it has a vase that placed by red flower which being invented as the contrasted element in this room. Greenish curtains combined perfectly with the pale blue ceiling while the shelves arranged symmetrical. It also has two floor lamps and classic hanging lamp. Those can make your evening feels cozy.

Living room in los angeles with combines white and yellow accents Chic Green and Yellow Color Accent Living Room Inspirations

I think the living room concept here is to invite the yellow forest in the house. With yellow wallpapers decorated with shiny end table, the designer success to blend the deer as if it resting in the forest. Besides, this living room has a charming white shelf that content of white and yellow d├ęcor. Zebra ottoman benches, yellow side chair with pillow print, white couch ad wooden table are the furniture that fills the room furnishings.

Sandberg living room with green accents and pretty furnishing Chic Green and Yellow Color Accent Living Room Inspirations

This modern vintage living room contents of center ottoman table with zebra stripes, printed pillow cases, white sofa, and black chairs with pretty cushions. The walls are painted white and gray which have dramatic ceiling lamps and pendant lamps. There are two areas in this room, the sitting area and dining area. All of them arranged neatly.


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