Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 1

Architect Kitchen Island

The installation of an island will improve a kitchen’s function. An island offers extra storage space as well as extra counter space. Besides in a large kitchen, an island can also be applied in a small kitchen. But, make sure to choose the right island for your small kitchen. You should also consider the island’s…

3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Decoration

Colorful Kitchen

In this modern era, a kitchen is not only used to cook but also for other activities such as eat, gather with the family, and even entertain guests. Therefore, besides the function, you should also pay attention to the kitchen comfort and look. A kitchen will be able to look attractive with the support of…

White Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You

large windows

Of course, there is no harm to put a brighter shade into the neutral colored kitchen ideas. They intentionally chose a stove in bright yellow to contrast against white walls and dark cabinets. Such an expected pop for white kitchen ideas that bring a smile to this cooking space. Can we still talk about cabinet…

3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets Made of Glass

A kitchen will be able to function properly as long as there are several elements supporting it. One of the most important elements of a kitchen is cabinets. There are many kitchen cabinet ideas that can be applied. You can choose the cabinets according to the design or style and the theme of your kitchen….

Design Ideas of Neutral Colored Kitchen

Green Dining Chairs in Neutral Colored Kitchen

There are 3 things you should consider carefully when building a kitchen, including the functionality, comfort, and look. In this modern era, a kitchen is not only used to cook, therefore, its look is important. A kitchen used to be considered as a dirty and messy area because the cooking activity tends to cause some…