Impressive Simple Dining Nook

Simple Dining Nook Ideas

Breakfast is an important activity you need to do every morning. Breakfast give you the energy to start the day and face the world in front of you. Why do I say such a thing? Because without breakfast you will be out of energy, lose the focus and concentration, and cannot do the work properly….

Manhattan Apartment Interiors with Colorful Rooms

Kids' Rooms entry corner

In Manhattan apartment interiors, designer Miles Redd intentionally created kid-friendly rooms to the modern dwelling since the homeowners have two lovely children.  He doesn’t do some room or the kids’ room to be outgrown. A pair of siblings in New York City, ages 5 and 7 get so much fun thing in their colorful playroom…

Classic Home Design Mixing Bold and Traditional Details

classic dining room

Let’s learn the secret behind the stunning classic home design that mixing both bold and traditional details in a perfect way. You will see a half dozen of idyllic different pattern in its interiors and surprisingly, they don’t make the rooms look more chaotic. The secret is all about symmetry. Everything in this home is…