Mesmerizing Bathroom Fixtures in Elegant Ambiance

Bathroom Fixtures in Elegant Ambiance

A vintage style never gets old for most of the people. A lot of people also use this style for their bathrooms. Even though there are various designs which are more sophisticated nowadays, a vintage style is still a favorite among many people. It has its own uniqueness which can bring out the charm of…

Luxurious Classic Bathroom with Herring Pattern

Classic Bathroom with Herring Pattern

A herring fish is one of the animals, which becomes an inspiration for home interior designers. Nowadays, the herringbone pattern is commonly used for the interior decorations. This pattern is also very popular for many people who wish to renovate their bathrooms. This pattern is not only used for the wall but also the floor….

How to Decorate Small Bathrooms with Some Interesting Ideas

all white bathroom with two large mirrors

Spacious, clean, and simple. They are the common definitions that we think when the bathrooms are surrounded by white tones. White is pretty effective to make any room, including the bathroom, roomier. For some people, this color perhaps is not interesting because it looks too clinical. You can use the white color as a basic…

Lovely Modest Bathroom with Additional Fixtures

Lovely Modest Bathroom Decorating Ideas

When we talk about the luxury of a bathroom, there are several important factors that need to take into consideration. It is not only about the facilities which is provided but also each detail of decoration. If you can make a right decision in choosing the fixtures and ornaments to equip your bathroom, it is…