Captivating Wall Art Ideas for Your Home Decor

Without the addition of art, a home often feels so empty and flat. One of the arts in a home decor can be the wall art that adorns the blank and plain look of your walls. It is a detail that allows us in expressing ourselves in the art form and it also has many faces. As an example, DIY wall art ideas are quite popular but various styles and designs will suit different decor rooms and types.

folded paper Wall Art Ideas Captivating Wall Art Ideas for Your Home Decor

If you want to add something original for your home decor, you can use postcards as the wall art ideas that you have collected over the years to make an interesting display. Just start by making a frame and sticking the postcards to it with glue or tape. You can do color mixes to create a more interesting effect. If you like the modern touch for your wall art ideas, you can create an interesting project by using colored paper. You have to prepare some pieces of paper and all has a square shape. They must have different colors. Then, fold the paper as we have shown you in the picture and arrange them in a grid. You may use different shades and organize the paper pieces as you want. This DIY piece will add an artistic touch to your home decor.

pinwheel painting Wall Art Ideas Captivating Wall Art Ideas for Your Home Decor

You may also paint your wall art ideas. You don’t need to be extra talented in order to make something simple and modern. For example, trust me, everyone can make a pinwheel painting. You have to prepare lots of colors and paper. You can seal it after you have finished the project. Modern wall art ideas don’t necessarily involve crafting or painting something. It can be something simple as a message on a huge board which is displayed on the wall. No need to worry about the calligraphy. We often find that sloppy look is more appreciated and it makes the piece has a more original look in any home decor.

message large painting Captivating Wall Art Ideas for Your Home Decor

So, what do you think about those captivating wall art ideas? The postcards, colored paper, a pinwheel paper and message board. Which one is your most favorite? Now, it is your turn to make your own. See you!


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