Captivating Home Design Inspiration of Windsor Smith

open plan home office Captivating Home Design Inspiration of Windsor Smith

Previously, we have had a house tour in Smith Windsor’s home design inspiration. This article will continue the house trip to the rooms that haven’t seen before. First, we’re going to see the home office. This workspace features armless chairs in bright yellow around a long white table. Plenty of space was intentionally added here space to allow the pop of ideas and creativity flow. A half round pendant lamp with silver tone is mounted on the ceiling to illuminate an even light to entire space.

The home design inspiration has a game room. All the walls’ surface are painted in Bone Black Ralph Lauren that emitting a true black to the space. The color is implied in a flat finish for the walls while high gloss for the trim. The fireplace is quite big with firewood storage. Some decorative items are placed on the fireplace mantel include potted plants, small ornaments, and also paintings. Blue color of the ping pong table brings festivity to this all-in-black game room. An indoor lounge is set nearby by the window to allow the inhabitants to see the garden view.

game room with black walls Captivating Home Design Inspiration of Windsor Smith

Initially, the blue Ping-Pong table in this home design inspiration was placed outside but a rainy day made her to roll this table in the game room. Smith really likes the blue touch of the table. It becomes the exclamation point that drugs anyone’s eye to the hub of the room. A huge tree on black pot truly brings nature feel to this glossy black room. Another cozy lounge is placed behind the table tennis table with a cushioned sofa in black.
Still in the game room, you will see a big photograph of polar bear which is mounted on the wall. You don’t need to take black shade too seriously if you don’t want to get in trouble. The designer of this home design inspiration is pretty sure that the polar bear photograph will jump off the wall. This artistic item is from Voila gallery. Beneath it, there is a bench with an impressive rustic look. It appears in a modest way with a cushioned pillow. Besides that big photograph, there are other decorative ornaments such as the plates and also deer antlers as hooks.


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