Captivating 20th Century Home Details to Inspire You

The designer of this 20th century home details, Shon Parker together with the client did deep and dimensional paneling to the entryway. Previously, this space was a dirty and shabby brick wall which is used to have a badly patched window, the look was totally not inviting. After the renovation, this room becomes the bridge between the old and new parts of the 20thcentury home details. For the reason, Parker thought that it would be amazing if space felt waxy, aged and burnished. He intentionally designed the wooden walnut paneling in eight inches deep. The ceilings in seven-foot-four-inch are low, thus to make the entry looks taller, they scaled the paneling. Initially, the floor had been coated with the horrible carpet with floral pattern. Thus, they took it up then laid a herringbone pattern of tumbled marble tile. Now, everyone can see that it feels richer and more rustic such as a stable that has been conjured into a lovely 20th century home details cottage.

For Parker, today’s color has the little too bright in look to his eyes. Thus, he decided to devise the color palette in the 20th century home details. Older shades commonly have more brown with the richer look, thought Parker. He has mixed and matched some of the colors in the 20th century home details to a fan deck of 1960s Pratt & Lambert. He found it at a garage sale. He also used favorite hues of his client. Blues and lavenders that complement her skin tone and hair found their way to the dining space. Let’s move to the living room.

stunning parker living room Captivating 20th Century Home Details to Inspire You

When we enter this 20th century home details living room, we will see the club chairs next to the fireplace that has made a statement in this gathering space. Parker wanted to turn it into a bold focal point in the living room. When he found malachite-patterned velvet of Cowtan & Tout’s in the amazing cinnabar, he exactly knew where that item belonged. It is her favorite spot where she sits there conveniently during the day to work in front of her computer. Thus, we decided to use velvets in the 20th century home details because they do not have loops; the client has cats and the paws slide off the soft fabric without snagging. They used silk velvets and linen with some pattern while some are plain to avoid a monotonous look in the living room.


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