Cantilevered Home Decor Overlooking a Lake in Quebec

A stunning cantilevered home décor is surrounded by water and woodlands with a peaceful setting. This cozy retreat home is located in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, in Canada. It was built on the edge of a cliff to present the most of the views on this site for the homeowners. According to the architect that has accomplished this home, Christopher Simmonds Architect, this residence is embedded gently in the Canadian Shield with some sleeping quarters are set firmly in the rock. The cantilevered family rooms emerge slowly from the base of stone.
The cantilevered home décor main entrance is modest and it is visible from the main road leads to a tranquil yet calculated path to enter anyone to the dwelling. From here on, you will be greeted by spacious interiors array, each of those offers captivating perspectives of the lake and woodlands that can be seen from that stunning home cantilever decor inside. The overall design and scheme are defined by modesty; oak boards in white wrap floor to wall enhance the house elongated space and silver maple slabs that create the bathroom vanity.

clean and modern kitchen Cantilevered Home Decor Overlooking a Lake in Quebec

Let’s see the interior décor of this appealing cantilevered home décor. A sink cabinet becomes a partition that separates the cooking space with the dining area. It has a clean white countertop with glossy surface. At its front part, open storage consists of four are used to display many glassware book collections in a neat arrangement. Some hanging pendants add a stylish look to this open space. Thru the translucent doors and windows, you can enjoy the scenic site views while you accomplishing you’re cooking activities.

lengthwise bath Cantilevered Home Decor Overlooking a Lake in Quebec

Another space in this home décor includes the lengthwise of bath space with a small shower room. The wooden sink cabinets are made to follow the long contour of the bath space. A frameless ample mirror is mounted over the white vanity and it is flanked by two wall sconces. The main entrance is a door that fits with the bath space width. The tile is overscale in a shabby gray hue that looks harmonious with the wall backdrop of this bath space.

ground floor plan Cantilevered Home Decor Overlooking a Lake in Quebec

The exterior of this cantilevered home décor, in this case, the cladding is composed and made of eastern white cedar with an open-joint. The stairwell is wrapped in steel; both are intentionally left unfinished to age with those elements. The windows expanse engages that ephemeral foliage from the treetops to the floor of the forest. The left rooms that we haven’t discussed yet in the home décor include the bedroom, washroom, hallway, dining space, den, living space, storage and exterior deck. Hope we can continue it in the next article. Thus, can you sense the serenity that this cantilevered home decor exudes? Yes, I absolutely can. Hope this holiday home inspires you in designing your own comfy dwelling.


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