Bring the Industrial Atmosphere into Your Dining Room

 Bring the Industrial Atmosphere into Your Dining Room

Create an extraordinary dining room is not an easy task, but this is not an impossible thing to do. You can choose the modern design to make the dining room looks so extraordinary. Décor a modern or contemporary dining room need the right furniture, it has a sleek, simple, and straight line that coordinate each other. If you want to create a modern style you do not need many features in the dining room. Just place the main features of a dining room, a set of the dining table.

Take a look at the picture above. You will see the simplest and modern design. No need to place too many pieces and cause the overwhelming look. With one colorful picture hanging on the wall and a vase of a flower which is you can put any color of the flower into it make the dining room looks balance, in addition, to avoiding being bored while you spend a lot of time at the dining area. Lighting of this dining area is perfect for fixed window, and the recessed lighting creates a warmth ambiance to the entire dining room. The dining room is a place to gathering with family and friends, so make the dining room feels warm and cozy is the most important thing you should consider about.

The grayish chair brings the industrial atmosphere into the dining area. Combining with the contrast color of a table which is colored in white make the dining room looks so attractive and so inviting. Almost areas are covered in the same color, white. So the gray color of stone floor and chair make the combination such kind of perfect. Even this dining room not flooring by a rug, the focal point of this dining room still exposed.

The frosted glass paneled door, strengthen the industrial influence. Besides that, this type of the door let the sunlight enter naturally. Create a bright dining room in the afternoon and make the dining room covered in romantic nuance with the low lighting. This dining area position is exactly at the foot of the stairs create illumination of spacious room. The marble look of the stairs creates the diversity from the floor.



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