How to Create an Enchanted Dining Room with Black Panton Chair

Sleek and light are the characteristic of Panton chair which firstly designed by Verner Panton in 1960. The Panton chair has ‘S’ shape which usually made of plastic and molded neatly in only one piece. It’s produced in many color choices like red, black white, green, blue, etc. Creating elegant dining room is appropriate with black Panton chair. The black color looks neutral and can be combined with any kind of other color and style. Then, how to create an enchanted dining room with black Panton chair? You can get the inspirations from the following examples.

Mismatched Chairs

One Black Panton Chair and Other Different Types of Chair in White Dining Room How to Create an Enchanted Dining Room with Black Panton Chair

A white theme dining room looks so spacious and monochrome with some glass windows. It looks light and elegant but without any smart touch, it can be boring. Here, it uses a wooden dining table with some mismatched chairs to avoid the monotone look. The mismatched chairs make this dining room looks more cheerful, casual and attractive but still stays elegant. The only one black Panton chair becomes a statement in this monochrome dining room.

Nature Touch

Black Panton Chairs and Wooden Dining Table with Unique Branch Pendant Light How to Create an Enchanted Dining Room with Black Panton Chair

A minimalist design dining room with nature touch seems warm and cozy in neutral color combination. The wooden element tends to dominate the dining room elegantly. Becoming one with the kitchen, this dining room only needs small space at home. Dark wood, branch pendant light, wooden table, and stone floor provide the warm and nature accent to this dining space. The black Panton chairs try to balance the wooden element so it can be more elegant. To create a more spacious accent, you need to design the sloping ceiling in white like this one. What you wait for? You can create an enchanted dining room with the fashionable black Panton chair.


Wooden Dining Table and Bench with Black Panton Chairs in White Dining Room and Kitchen How to Create an Enchanted Dining Room with Black Panton Chair

You may like a super minimalist design. Make your dining room becomes one with the kitchen as the practical and functional reason. The white room brings you into a spacious room look. To create the casual look, use unfinished wooden dining table and bench. Then place a couple of black Panton chair on two sides. The combination between the bench and black Panton chair also gives the different color touch in the minimalist dining room.


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