Black Kitchen Interior Designs with Chic Look

black kitchen with yellow island Black Kitchen Interior Designs with Chic Look

While most homeowners use white to show the popping colors but you can consider using black instead. It will be a better idea if you have a bright shade such as the yellow in this stylish Atticus and Milo kitchen. Here, black really gives your favorite color the hit in needs. Behind the kitchen island is the cooking space with dominant kitchen sets except for the cabinetry. The upper and corner cabinets are the mixes of white, yellow and woodsy hue. Contrast look is emitted by the pristine white ceiling. The tracking lamp irradiates this space in a stylish way especially the area over the kitchen island. Two black bar stools complete the look of the modest island. The floor here is a red brick that enriches the look of the black kitchen interior designs.

modern black kitchen Black Kitchen Interior Designs with Chic Look

Oh, this is the impressive blackest black but the tiles of the black kitchen interior designs have the wavy surface that makes the dark shade seem easier to approach. Francoise Berube Interiors intentionally uses them to bring statement among the glossy white cabinetry. The focal point is obviously the kitchen backsplash that looks so bold and dark and it merges with the hood, cabinet and kitchen stove. Nearby this area, the corner spot is used to install the L-shaped and upper cabinet. They bring a contrast look in white with the main theme of this cooking space. The rest of the space in this small kitchen is used to place the tiny kitchen island. This functional item also has that darkest black with a woodsy countertop. The floor beneath the island has chess black and white pattern which is quite different with another wooden element of the floor. Let’s see more stunning black kitchen interior designs to inspire you.

black tile kitchen idea Black Kitchen Interior Designs with Chic Look

We just cannot put down the impressive black backsplash yet for you. In rustic kitchen interior designs which need the inky statement, actually, you don’t really want the black subway tile which has a smooth surface. Thus, Erin Swift had the ingenious idea to choose a black backsplash with all those captivating textures. To strengthen the rustic feel to the black kitchen interior designs, bring the shabby wooden element to the decor such as the kitchen island, bar stools, and cabinetry.


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