Black Floor and Ceiling Home Interior Ideas

We often see home interior ideas with black color for the ceiling and floor. Why don’t we try to do something different by implying the dark shade for both our ceiling and floor? Most of the time, we often find that they get to be white or other similar neutral colors such as beige. It is a fact that black is not a very common color for either one of those home part. It will not be an inappropriate thing if we want to use the dark shade for our home ceiling and floor. In fact, black ceiling and floor often brings a great statement in home interior ideas.

black ceiling in a white kitchen Black Floor and Ceiling Home Interior Ideas

This spacious kitchen has been framed in a beautiful way with the dark ceiling. The combination creates a bold contrast throughout this cooking space with the pristine white wall, furniture and the floor in light woodsy tone. The ceiling looks so elegant in glossy dark shade of black. The ceiling area is completed with mounted ceiling lamps and pendant lighting fixtures over the kitchen island. The dining area is placed in the hub of this cooking space. It consists of an island with some elegant armless chairs. Besides the ceiling, the black shade is also emitted by the window frame and the wood of the furniture dining set. The dominant use of neutral colors for the floor, cabinets and furniture makes the cooking space more spacious. One of impressive designs to be implied in your own home interior ideas.

black ceiling in a bathroom Black Floor and Ceiling Home Interior Ideas

Let’s move to see a more private space to look for more inspiration. The ceiling in this bathroom creates a statement and influences the rest of the bath décor. The backsplash over the bathroom sink echoes the dark shade of the ceiling. I’m not pretty sure whether the wall is adorned by using wallpaper or wall mural. The surfaces show the shadows of the trees. The use of extended wall mirror brings a more spacious visual effect to the eye. Those are only two of our inspiring home interior ideas today with the black ceiling and floor. You can imply and pick the best one to your own home interior ideas. Now, it’s your turn to adorn your dwelling.


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