Beautiful Dining Space Design with White Dining Table

The dining table may be the most important part in a dining room. The dining table should suit the room size to create the elegant dining room appearance. The small room should also use the small size table set. Choosing the dining table style sometimes is difficult and thus you are suggested to buy white dining table because it tends to be easier combined with any kind of chair and dining room theme. These are some beautiful dining space with white dining table ideas.

Pastel Blue and Gray Color

Comfortable Pastel Color Dining Room with White Dining Table and Chairs Beautiful Dining Space Design with White Dining Table

A white dining table looks perfect to be combined with any kind of pastel color. This dining room uses soft pastel blue and gray color combination. The soft blue wall reflects the coastal dining room characteristic which is more visible with white table and chairs. The dining chairs use gray color pads to look elegant. Besides, to make it more comfortable, the soft pastel gray color carpet is applied in this small cozy dining room. Add some pictures and colored decoration to give the color touch. The green centerpiece also brings the fresher atmosphere to this coastal dining room.

Rattan Chairs

Small White Dining Table with Four Rattan Chairs Beautiful Dining Space Design with White Dining Table

Another way to go with white table is combining it in rustic design. A farmhouse dining room looks chic and elegant in white color domination. A small rectangle white table is placed in the middle with rattan chairs around. The neutral color of rattan chairs is more elegant combined with white color. Place the other white furniture such as cabinet and small side table. To avoid the too pale appearance, the green plants in pot or other colored decoration can be added to add fresh and color look.

White and Blue

White Dining Table and Chairs in Small Dining Space Corner Beautiful Dining Space Design with White Dining Table

Just add one color type and your white dining room will look awesome. This white dining table and chairs looks elegant combined with blue color touch. The white dining table, chairs and banquette makes this room looks casual and comfortable. The blue color touch from the table runner and cushions gives the pleasant calm atmosphere in it. You can also use the banquette as the additional storage in a small dining room.


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