Beauteous Bathroom Interior Ideas and Decors to Impress You

bathroom decor in polished black Beauteous Bathroom Interior Ideas and Decors to Impress You

This little black item of lacquered box of a stunning guest bath becomes everyone’s favorite room says the designer, Mark D. Sikes. This wooden element is so sexy, elegant and dramatic. A regency mirror of ebony-and-bone is propped over a sink of Gramercy Single Metal from Restoration Hardware. Beneath the sink, there is a webbing basket with additional handles that will ease the users to lift it. The upper part of the wall is installed by the massive use of mirror that creates larger look to this small space. Two wall sconces with black lampshades truly enhance the graceful look to the décor of this powder room. And to bring functionality, a three-legged side table is added nearby the sink.

stunning bathroom with panel of Turkish relief Beauteous Bathroom Interior Ideas and Decors to Impress You

If you are going to bring color to your bathroom décor, why don’t you go with an intense like what is exemplified by this bath. Erin Martin is the ingenious designer of this project. The shimmery surface of the Art Deco tiles exudes the appeal of black, light and bold green tiles in small scale. She set the sink of this pool house bath with a top of 1920s relief panel of Turkish. This stunning item is framed by tile of vivid glass from Classic Tile & Mosaic. The vanity table seems to be fitted with the niche of this small space with the addition of a wall mounted mirror. Beneath the vanity, there is a webbing basket which is used to store towels.

Florida powder room with matching details Beauteous Bathroom Interior Ideas and Decors to Impress You

If you want to create matching details to your powder room décor, this pretty example may meet your need. This powder room is a part of a stylish home in Florida. This small space has cheery wallpaper with beautiful pattern in red with white backdrop from Madison and Grow. The sink is nestled in a corner spot with a decorative potted plant and a stainless steel faucet. A small soap container with golden hue is added nearby the pot. Above this spot, there is a decorative wall mirror with picturesque frames of neat arrays of white shells. To illuminate the charm of this space, a wall mounted scone is added precisely over the mirror.

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