Beach House Design in 1960s Style

cheerful geometric tabletop Beach House Design in 1960s Style

There are so many ideas that we can use to decorate our own cozy dwelling and one of those inspirations come from this stunning beach house design. This house is accentuated by the 1960s style and you are permitted to get inspired with its interior décor as long as it fits with your personal taste and desire. Let’s take a look at the geometric tabletop in this home. The entire house is basically in white, turquoise, orange and yellow with a bit splash of pink here and there. The colors which are used in the interiors of this beach house design are influenced by the cheerful pattern in wild geometric.

The inspiring pattern is depicted on dining tabletop. The wooden table is lacquered in Plasticolor Whilte Chemcraft. Let’s mention one by one the paints which are used for the colorful tabletop. The bold orange is Fresno, the fresh turquoise is Burbank Blue, and the cheerful yellow is St. Elmo’s Fire and all are from Benjamin Moore. The tableware is from Crate & Barrel. You can add decorative plant or flower on a simple vase to avoid too rousing feel to the dining space of this beach house design.

dynamic dining room with eames chairs Beach House Design in 1960s Style

Still in the dining space of this beach house design, here we can feel the dynamism. The electric colors have brought zing and zest to the 1960s inspiring beach house design. The focal point in this dining space is the white long table. Berman has based the palette on yellow, turquoise, white and orange tabletop. You will have a greater license in a summer home to have fun and be irreverent. The surfer part is the laid-back feeling. And the chic is to talk about all those elements and to distill them in a new way. The white Eames chairs in this dining space are to accommodate six people. Those stunning chairs are by Herman Miller.

In accordance with the name of the dwelling, this beach house design will certainly offer you a scenic ocean view. You can enjoy the long seashore anytime you want. It will be more precious if you spend the time with your beloved family. Hope you enjoy the inspiring ideas of the house beach design.


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