Beach Home Design with the Inspiring 1960s Style

orange mudroom Beach Home Design with the Inspiring 1960s Style

Let’s feel the welcoming and intense feel of orange accent in one of rooms in this stunning beach home design. All in all, the interiors are influenced by the 1960s style. This cozy dwelling belongs to a surfer. We’re going to take a look at the mudroom after we have a fun house trip previously. You can feel a strong color of Fresno in Benjamin Moore that keeps this mudroom from having that dull and boring look. To optimize the function, a wooden storage in white is mounted on the wall. Some hooks to hang the jacket, bag and also hat are added beneath the white storage.

We still discuss about the beach home design mudroom decor, you will find a functional open storage which is placed on the floor. This wooden item is used to store the homeowners’ towels. Its top can be utilized as a comfy seat. You may add some cushioned pillows with attractive upholsteries. To avoid any slippery, place a rug or carpet on the floor. Stripe colorful pattern seems perfect to enliven this nautical room. The paddle is used as a decorative ornament that accentuates the nautical theme of this small space.

orange laundry room Beach Home Design with the Inspiring 1960s Style

Move to the laundry room of the beach home design. The sliding barn doors are painted in the same color of bold orange. The color choice has packed a punch in this laundry room. Moreover, coloring the doors in orange has made them very special and visible. The sliding rod is in dark black that looks harmonious with the sliding doors. When you open the main entrance of the laundry room, you will see some front loading washing machines which are arranged neatly. Some weaving baskets also will help the homeowners to avoid any clutter look in the laundry room.

guest bedroom in subtle yellow Beach Home Design with the Inspiring 1960s Style

The designer has used quieter shades to the guest bedroom. Berman chose her palette for this room and did not use the same tones everywhere. She wanted each room in her beach home design to feel connected. The entire home has to make a feeling and sense as one. You can feel a fluid and smooth transition in each room in the beach home design includes this subtle yellow guest bedroom. A wooden side table in pink has open storage to store more items. The tabletop is used to place bunch of flowers on small vase.


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