Beach Home Design for a Cozy Boho Retreat

This beach home design is the project of a talented designer, Colleen Bashaw. She got the project from her client with his wife, the founder of Anthroplogie. They had their eye for this a 100-year-old Tudor for years before it sold on the market in 2012. The couple signed a contract a week before the Hurricane Sandy. They kept the exterior survived intact with the interior that was completely wiped out. Previously, we have seen some inspiring rooms in this beach home design with look so fresh and bright with the magical touch of Bashaw. Let’s take a look more to the cooking space.

boho cooking space 1 Beach Home Design for a Cozy Boho Retreat


In the cooking space in this beach home design, you will feel relaxing ambiance with the fancy brass to the décor. Bayne has both elegant and earthy style and Bashaw wanted to strike the same balance in her own home. The gold brass especially those legs of the kitchen island and also the arms of the shelves were also a not to the beach home design’s location. If feels so nautical with a perfect combination with the cerused-oak cabinetry. Bashaw wanted the refrigerator to stand alone on its own like a stunning piece of furniture since there are no upper cabinetries. They agreed to encase it in cerused oak and install the brass icebox.

The whole first floor of the beach home design is open except for the cooking space. Thus, it feels like the only spot in this beach home design where we can have some fun with colors. The main key to use any bright colors is to imply it so sparingly. They decided to highlight the window trim in the same hue for the breakfast nook i.e. by Benjamin Moore in Turquoise Haze to create a smooth visual connection between the two different spaces. The kitchen island and trim are in a high-gloss finish which has the same look like the brass i.e. pretty and glamorous. Thus, you can strongly feel opulence atmosphere in the cooking space. But again, they decided to dress it down. The countertop is made of concrete and it is poured to resemble with the wooden slats on that picnic table. After seeing the cooking space, let’s move to other rooms.

master bedroom in bohemian decor Beach Home Design for a Cozy Boho Retreat

For this beach home design, the client truthfully wasn’t game for anything. She wasn’t such kind a big wallpaper person going in but Bashaw thinks it is so necessary to add pattern in a bedroom. Not only does the addition of wallpaper make each room look appealing and unique, moreover it also helps to muffle sounds. They decided to choose a lively paper of Christopher Farr Cloth in pink and brown for the master bedroom. The daughter’s bedroom is the bird’s nest on the third floor. It has low ceilings like an attic. The print of lotus leaf is in large scale. It makes the space appears airier whereas the tinier pattern will seem too “grandma”.


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