Bahamian Beach Home Offering You a Tranquil Ambience

This tranquil Bahamian beach home is located on Guana Cay, in Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. The beach on this island is like pink sugar. You will see enormous turtles in the water and they are even bigger than the carved chestnut that the family hung from the ceiling of the living room. The designer chose blue and white as a classic palette for this Bahamian beach home. In the Bahamas, you will see the turquoise sea and fluffy white clouds thus why do we need to work against that? For the reason, we chose clear and vibrant blues with some touches of green in them. In fact, it is mainly turquoise but the color is used in many different gradations from light to dark.

rope chandelier Bahamian Beach Home Offering You a Tranquil Ambience

In the dining area of this Bahamian beach home, you will see elegant chandeliers with rope. This room provides a lot of romantic atmosphere with honey-colored light. A sailboat winch inspires the feature of the wooden dining table. The furnishings are in midcentury-style with Rat Pack cook which work because a couple of the home like to play Sinatra on the stereo until their kids arrive and they change the music. There is a secret room in this Bahamian beach home which is set under the stairs. They created a powder room with swings open with a bookcase. That huge item also subtitles or has a function as a door. There was no place to put the bathroom so that we tried to make it fun by placing the bathroom under the stairs.

fish wallpaper Bahamian Beach Home Offering You a Tranquil Ambience

The second floor of this Bahamian beach home is colorful and layered. They used a bit more mixing in this place by emphasizing some history and handmade items. You will see a tin folk-art star over the guest bedroom and a display of spinning tops in vintage accent in a hallway. They definitely suit with the carefree mood. The master bath in this Bahamian beach home feels like an aquarium since Kate is obsessed with the fish wallpaper. It is so cheerful and lively and the family often goes fishing and snorkeling every day. Each one of the fish is a sweet and funny cartoon that will make everyone laugh and indeed the wallpaper is just so pretty.


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