Backyard with Stepping Stone Paths as Bridges

random shaped stone paths Backyard with Stepping Stone Paths as Bridges

Stepping stone paths are referred to as step-stone bridges. They are simple bridges which are made of arranged stone in a way that permit you to cross the lawns, ponds or garden’s water features. The design can be simple but also very interesting. That’s why, sometimes stepping stone paths can be added to garden or backyard design that commonly do not have a water feature. Take a look the impressive stepping stone paths in a spacious garden. The stone path has a symmetrical and straight design that runs the length of the garden.

step stone bridge an garden Backyard with Stepping Stone Paths as Bridges

Stepping stone paths can be simply crossing paths that lead from the main entrance of a home to the backyard or garden or to somewhere else. In garden design or landscape, the stepping stone paths with bridges cross natural landscape that may include dry landscape or water features as well as the symbolic of water gardens. If you like something unique for your stepping stone paths, you can use stones which have various shapes and sizes.  Place them over the pebbles or gravel in your backyard or garden.

grass pathway in modern touch Backyard with Stepping Stone Paths as Bridges

The straight stepping stone paths connect the front part of a home thru the water feature in the middle path then the step-stone bridge disappears mysteriously into the nature. They paths lead anyone from the nature thru the spacious garden to reach the home. Garden lamp is one crucial item that can be added to the garden or backyard design. There are many options and variations to adorn your garden or backyard design by using stepping stone paths. You can add stone pathways with two parallel over your captivating green yard. That kind of arrangement will ease your feet to cross the lawns or water feature in a garden.

Let’s see other ideas of stepping stone paths with random shapes and sizes. That typical stone path will give a more natural feel and look to your garden or backyard design. This stone path is placed at the righteous edge of a garden and not in the center part. Those are some mesmerizing ideas of stepping stone paths that will certainly adorn the display of your garden design.


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