Awesome Windsor Smith’s Home Interior Decor in Los Angeles

black music room Awesome Windsor Smith’s Home Interior Decor in Los Angeles

Smith’s home interior décor is completed with an elegant music room in a true black. This entertainment room is a perfect space both for kids and adults. Artistic ornaments are mounted on the black wall and enliven the look of this elegant room. Beneath the display, there is a very appealing coffee table with wooden top and intricate leg of branches. Other furniture set consists of an armchair, a coffee table and also sofa with ikat cushions. The boy’s bedroom of this home interior décor is influenced by rock-star style with the walls which are dominated in black. Some posters feature the boy’s bedroom.

boys workspace Awesome Windsor Smith’s Home Interior Decor in Los Angeles

Let’s see another view in the boy’s bedroom. You will feel the sense of creativity when you see his workspace. The desk has an industrial look with shabby grayish hue. Two stools which are upholstered in black ladder are added in front of the desk. A mounted flat screen television with two personal computers will help the boy to accomplish his duty besides offering entertainments to the boy. Rattan armchairs with cushioned base are upholstered in stripe fabric. Colorful carpet in stripe pattern is used to cover room’s floor of Smith’s home interior décor.

master bath with console table Awesome Windsor Smith’s Home Interior Decor in Los Angeles

After seeing the boy’s bedroom, let’s go to the master bathroom of this awesome home interior décor. Let’s see each detail in this private space. A fashion photograph of the 1950s has influenced an orange passion here. A bag rest of Gucci is placed on the gilt console of Louis XVI together with other items such as the glasses and vase. Carved accent on the wood beautifies the appearance of the console table. Beneath the console top, the space is used to place two pairs of black booths and an orange bag. The display is flanked with two doors in pristine white color.
Move to the master bedroom in Smith’s home interior décor. This space has a huge canopy bed that reaches the ceiling surface. It is coated in satin from Bergamo Fabric which has an idyllic embroidery accent. This huge item becomes a little jewel box in this personal room. Cozy lounge with Chinese side table are placed at the bed foot that gives you a spot to read your favorite book.



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