Awesome Kitchen Interior Designs to Captivate You

Stunning Kitchen With Decorative Pendant Lights Awesome Kitchen Interior Designs to Captivate You

The pendant lightings in this kitchen have the unique feature of cubes which are framed by translucent element. In the middle of the lighting fixtures, there are some candle holders that will illuminate the culinary space with the charm of dim light. I pay attention at the functional open storage that can be used as an additional space to display the decorative ornaments in this kitchen. The niche of the storage is formed by the encounter of the cupboard and the ceiling. Two doors that staple the built-in cupboard have created a perfect symmetrical display to the décor. Next to this area, there is a gallant kitchen island which is used as the dining space. Some stunning armless chairs with carving accent on the backs are placed in front of the island.

Captivating Kitchen With Gorgeous Kitchen Island Awesome Kitchen Interior Designs to Captivate You

This stunning kitchen has similar pendant lighting with the previous kitchen décor. The distinctive point is the golden hue of the frames that enhance the opulent look to the décor. The kitchen island is just so gorgeous with the mix of the marble and wood at its countertop. Both of the natural elements have a glossy surface that will ease the users to clean any dirt. Stylish chairs which are embraced by pristine white fabric are added at one width side of the island. The niche of the space is intentionally made for the stove. It has an endearing tile for the kitchen backsplash. At each side of the space are the places for the wall mounted cabinets.

Traditional Kitchen Design With Stylish bar Stools Awesome Kitchen Interior Designs to Captivate You

The cavity of the stool base offers you more comfort when you sit on its surface. Moreover, the use of soft fabric in gray will adjust you to sit there for hours. A rustic elongated dining table is added to complete the display of the stylish barstools. The beams on the ceiling in dark brown shade of woodsy accent highlight the contrast look with the pristine white backdrop of the space. This kitchen has twin sinks which are embedded in line with the casements. This kind of an array will supply an adequate light that permeates thru the glass element. Stainless steel tap and faucet are added to the sinks.


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