Attractive Minimalist Symmetrical Bathroom Ideas

 Attractive Minimalist Symmetrical Bathroom Ideas

The picture above is a template of the symmetrical bathrooms. Both of the right and the left side areas have the same size. Meanwhile, there is a freestanding bathtub which is placed horizontally close to the arch window. On the left side of this room, there is a shower room with built-in seating. The shower room is separated by the transparent glass wall and door. This door has a door knob which is made of stainless metal.

Furthermore, on the right side, there is a big vanity which is completed by many drawers and cabinets under the white porcelain countertop. If you want to add simple decorations, you can put some flowers into a translucent glass vase which has already filled with the water on this countertop. This vanity is also equipped with a single sink and minimalist faucet.

There are some open shelves that let you put the new towels or other stuff, such as the liquid soap, shampoo, facial foam, toothbrush, toothpaste, and else. And also, a quite big mirror is available. On the wall near the mirror, there is a wall sconce installed to brighten up this area so that you can dress up using this artificial lighting.

Next, in the soaking area, two wall sconces are placed at the both sides. There is a desk vase near the tub that you can use to put some beautiful flowers. The windows let the natural lighting enter and brighten up the room. And also, you can unwind and enjoy your time soaking in the tub while gazing at the scenery outside. You can provide a basket and place it on the floor so you can put your laundries in it.

For the overall appearance, this bathroom looks simple and minimalist. The white color which has a role as the main color and the transparent glass as the wall of the shower room make this bathroom look cleaner and larger. Because this room is surrounded with the white nuance, it would be better and make a great contrast if you choose some colorful flowers to make this room more cheerful.


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