Attractive Elegant Bathroom with Mosaic Patterns

Attractive Bathroom with Mosaic Patterns Attractive Elegant Bathroom with Mosaic Patterns

In the picture above, you can see a luxury and elegant bathroom which is designed beautifully with mosaic patterns in some areas. These patterns emblazon around the white drop-in bathtub areas and make them outstanding. This bathroom has two motives of the mosaic patterns. For the first motive which is had by the upper areas of the bathtub, it consists of several brown colors such as beige, tan, light brown, and else. These combination colors make the mosaic pattern look brighter and more natural. You can place your towel on these areas so that you can reach it easily without having to go to the tower hanger. Meanwhile, even though the second motive uses these pastel brown colors, some dark colors such as black and dark brown are also added and make this pattern look bolder. The mixture between the bold and natural motives of these mosaic patterns presents a fabulous contrast to the bathroom.

Moreover, the wooden cabinets under the white countertop can also present a natural atmosphere. You can save your private goods such as the shaver, new towels, or the other goods in these cabinets. As you can see, this countertop has two bowl-shaped sinks. Half of the basins are planted in the countertop while the others bulge out.

In this bathroom, you can get both the natural and artificial lighting systems. For the natural lights, there are two windows on the bathroom’s corner. They have black colored frames which make simpler and more elegant. The artificial lights on the ceiling also add more exposures to this room. In the makeup mirror area, there are some artificial lights that have a unique design, so you can apply your makeup without worrying you can’t see clearly.

On the center of the bathroom’s floor, there is a tiny hole. Actually, this hole has an important function for you. If you want to clean the floor because it is flooded with the water from the bathtub, you can open up this hole and let the water enter it. You don’t have to prepare a mop anymore to clean the floor from the water. You can do this task more easily than before.


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