Astounding Home with Open Plan Interior

living room with extended bookcase Astounding Home with Open Plan Interior

This lavish open plan interior white home is divided into four different sections. The architect of this project intentionally used a translucent corridor which links the main living area with other spaces in this spacious dwelling. The main purpose is to give sufficient privacy to each inhabitant in this contemporary home. An extended bookcase fulfills the living room wall surfaces. It will attract people’s attention when they enter their step in this living room. Besides offering you a cozy ambiance, you can also spend your leisure time to enjoy the scenic views outside or to read some of your favorite books. All in all, the architecture chose open plan interior for the blue print of this inspiring home décor.

This living room is spacious enough with a large shabby carpet in gray that defines this area. The furniture consists of three seating sets of the sofa with a translucent coffee table in the hub of this space. The floor to ceiling bookcase becomes the main background of the seating sets. The middle sofa is placed in a parallel line with the bookcase with two-floor lamps at each of its sides. Thus, we see a living room with a good symmetrical display. Since the home implies open plan interior, we can see the culinary space and a corner lounge.

beautiful pathway in garden Astounding Home with Open Plan Interior

Talking about another lounge in the open plan interior living room, the cozy space is set under the swivel staircase. You can enjoy your free time with your beloved family in this cozy gathering area. All the furnishings of the lounge are mostly in subtle gray include the coffee table, additional table with smaller round top, a rug and also a corner sofa. The elegant curtain in white offers some privacy to the inhabitants in the corner lounge of this open plan interior home especially when they spend their leisure time here. Wallpaper or wall mural decorate one of the corner walls.

contemporary corner lounge Astounding Home with Open Plan Interior

Let’s take a look at the exterior design. At the large and open garden, we will see earthen shade and muted tones everywhere. There are much paving to walk so that the inhabitants will not stampede the grass. Stylish stool in white and black has a unique feature of stone that will spoil you to see the views. In accomplishing this open plan interior home, the architect has done it in a brilliant way. The high ceiling and also extended glass window gives a visual effect of spacious rooms with an airy atmosphere. This lavish and contemporary open plan interior home has been accomplished by a talented architect, Nestor Sandbank.


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