Astounding Bathroom Designs and Ideas to Impress You

appealing rustic bathroom Astounding Bathroom Designs and Ideas to Impress You

Feel the cozy ambiance of rustic accent in this stunning bathroom. The interior décor is totally amazing which truly brings the outdoor ambiance to this private space. Branches of trees highlight the rustic feel to this space and most of the furnishings have the enchantment of the wooden accent. Take a look at the wall mirror which is also framed by thick branches. Some greenery is placed on the wooden top of the vanity table. The pendant lamp emits the charm of rustic touch of the black iron element. This lighting feature has its natural flair to spread a warm ambiance to the entire space. Beneath the wooden countertop, there is an empty space which is used to store the towels.

elegant powder room decor Astounding Bathroom Designs and Ideas to Impress You

This small powder room has the enchantment of elegant touch of the bold red shade on the surface of the wooden wall. The walls depict a neat vertical striped in this private space. The wall mirror is framed by lacquered and engraved wooden accent. There are three picturesque lighting fixtures in this space; the wall sconces and also a table lamp which all have white lampshades. A decorative painting is mounted at the rightmost of the wall to prettify the final look to the décor. We can see that the marble top of the vanity table brings a plush look with its glossy surface and natural texture. A bunch of  orange flowers adorn the corner spot of the vanity table.

cozy bathroom decor with stunning shower room Astounding Bathroom Designs and Ideas to Impress You

The ottoman stool is so idyllic with four legs to support its seat. It is placed in front of the tub of this cozy bathroom. The white tub is framed by stunning wooden element which is painted in subtle gray. This functional item is nestled nearby the window to allow the user in getting fresh air and also in enjoying the captivating views outside the windows. The edge of the tub is used to set the stainless steel tap and also some toiletries. The shower room is framed by a translucent floor to ceiling glass. This small space has a picturesque bluish tiles wall. Moreover, the tiles depict an idyllic pattern that enhances the look of this shower area.


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