Astonishing Small Bathroom with Large Sliding Glass Door

Small Bathroom with Large Sliding Glass Door Astonishing Small Bathroom with Large Sliding Glass Door

This one of the luxury bathrooms let you enjoy the outside view by a very large sliding door which is made of the transparent glass. Because of this transparent sliding door, this small bathroom can also look more spacious. Apparently, this bathroom location is on the upper floor and the house is close to the sea. Because of this condition, there is a rare opportunity that you can get from the other bathrooms. While you are soaking in the white bathtub which is oval-shaped and made of porcelain, this bathroom let you spend a great time by seeing the seascape from the height. The transparent door also let the light enter the bathroom so that it can get natural exposures. When you take a bath in the late evening, you can see a night view and stare a starry sky. These experiences help you to soothe your mind after you underwent a hectic schedule during the day.

Furthermore, there are some artificial lights which are planted on the ceiling. They present yellow radiance that won’t make your eyes hurt. Instead, this radiance makes a warmer impression to the room. A vanity with double sinks is also available in this bathroom. The countertop of the vanity is coated with brown cultured marble that presents the elegance of this room. Under the countertop, there are some drawers and cabinets so that you can store any stuff which is necessary such as the toiletries or some magazines. Next, the shiny wood floors make this bathroom looks more high-class. There is a pole on the right corner which is also made of brown cultured marble. However, the color of this pole is darker than the countertop has. Overall, the mixture between the light and darker colors presents a fabulous combination.

In this bathroom, there is a comfortable sofa which is placed near the bathtub. Between the sofa and tub, it separates with a unique wooden fixture. As an addition, this wooden barrier also has a function as a seat. So, you can choose whether you want to relax on the sofa or this wooden seat.


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