Appealing Southern Cottage Interior Decor by Shon Parker

cozy small library Appealing Southern Cottage Interior Decor by Shon Parker

There are so many inspiring in cottage interior décor that I’m pretty sure, the ideas will influence you in decorating your own. Even, the fabrics in this cozy dwelling are cat-friendly, trust me! Some rooms in this cottage interior décor have got some remodeling that will amaze you with their “after look”. Let’s start from the library after we have seen some rooms such as the home façade, entryway, living room, fireplace indoor lounge, breakfast nook and also the kitchen. Previously, the library will refurbish to get rid of the dull look. A cast-iron fireplace and also the built-in wooden shelves will have their new fresh look after the renewal.

In the cozy library, a decorative Venetian mirror with antique look has echoed the Thibaut gray settee curves feature by Thomas Pheasant. To enhance anyone’s comfort while sitting on the settee, Parker as the designer of this cottage interior décor has added some pillowy cushions. Both the gray settee and the cushions are covered in the same gray upholstery. To complete the display, a Baker table with round table top is placed in front of that settee. The legs’ curvaceous feature makes the gray settee more elegant. At each side of that gray settee is the space for the whimsical floor lamp and a side table with greenery on a translucent vase. The daylight seems so ready to illuminate this reading room thru the window when you read your favorite book.

cozy fireplace Appealing Southern Cottage Interior Decor by Shon Parker

One of most favorite item is the original details in the cottage interior décor i.e. the Victorian mantelpiece. Parker has embellished the tiny space and separated it from the master bedroom. He used an elegant curtain to cover the walls in this room in a Thibaut paper. The curtain is in a Kravet silk. He also darkened the wooden floors which were originally in light tone. For the library ceiling beams, Parker chose wallpaper with geometric pattern from Cole & Son. This is a truly tiny library that utilizes a narrow corner. The small white fireplace is flanked by the extended wooden shelves. A painting over the mantel will add artistic value to this small corner.


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