Appealing Lisbon Apartment Design with Ornate Details

Atelier Veloso Architects accomplished the project of Lisbon apartment design, in Portugal. This historic apartment was redesigned and situated in a five-storey building, precisely on the first level. It dates back to 1893; this cozy white loft has preserved idyllic details such as the ceilings and walls. The walls are made of stone masonry with ceilings in 3.5 meters high. Figurative decorations and plaster stucco are added on the ceiling surfaces.

Converting this Lisbon apartment design is in order to fit the modern living needs, by the mean to install new kitchen utensils and appliances in areas by reducing difficulties, completing the interior side replacement of block and adding wooden frames for the window treatments. The final result is xo captivating with a spacious and airy loft in the middle of a colorful bohemian city. The interiors are filled with daylight thru the tall windows. You will find a large bookcase in this living room which visually complements the massive ceiling décor.

library with extended bookcase Appealing Lisbon Apartment Design with Ornate Details

The book-filled wall in this Liston apartment design separates the spaces in two different areas that make room for an opulent and cozy home office. The white ceiling in the living room is powerfully contrasted and differentiated by a unit of sculptural light displaying a bright orange profile and an irregular shape. The cooking space features a materials and textures array which changes it into a warm place for family gathering. A small armless chair is added to help each family member to pick their favorite books, especially in the upper cabinet.

Next to the extended book cabinet of the Lisbon apartment design, there is a long seat with glossy dark woodsy shade. It becomes a comfortable area to read your favorite books after you picking them from the huge wooden cabinet. This area is so clean and bright with the dominant use of pristine white tone for the wall backdrop. In addition, the wood floor emits a shimmery look of subtle beige. I only see some colors only on the toys of the kid.

white living room in lisbon apartment Appealing Lisbon Apartment Design with Ornate Details

Back to the living room of this Lisbon apartment design, this gathering space is illuminated by that huge lighting fixture with a unique feature. Thus, you will see a whimsical look especially when you see the main pendant lamp in this space. A small coffee table with a square top is surrounded by a cushioned brown sofa, side table, corner chair and also the television cabinet. This all-in-white living room can be such an inspiring gathering space with your beloved family.


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